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  1. Chad M
    Chad M at |

    I’d like mine back too, please!

  2. martin henner
    martin henner at |

    This will also be helpful to people who pack corkscrew in their carry-ons, as they often have small blades for removing the foil on wine bottles.

  3. AM
    AM at |

    Duty free liquids are allowed on connections, at least in some cases. In Nov, I bought some booze in Prague and connected in LHR (on to the US). It was allowed, although I had to hold the store-sealed plastic bag, without handles, while going through security – no booze in backpack please! They did ask me where I bought it (and the bag clearly said Prague Airpot). Still hugely annoying, but I was glad I didn’t have to down 2 liters of hard stuff during a tight connection ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Mark Mercer
    Mark Mercer at |

    Sadly, AM, that EU sealed-plastic bag for duty-free wouldn’t have helped you if you were continuing on in the States. My silly? ridiculous? policy home country would have either made you put it into checked luggage before you went through TSA to get back airside after customs, at baggage recheck. Or else, taken it away.

    It’s ludicrous and stupid. A minor addition to my list of reasons why I no longer live there!

  5. Mark (@palmerlaw)
    Mark (@palmerlaw) at |

    Max 2 golf club carry-ons… I suggest sticking w your putter and wedge only in-flight. #safetyfirst

  6. joe124
    joe124 at |

    @Mark Mercer, Thank you for leaving!

  7. Jon
    Jon at |

    6″ scissors are allowed (and have been for some time)

  8. Steelsnow
    Steelsnow at |

    Glad to know that I won’t have to worry about my keychain knives anymore – they only caught them (when I forgot) about 50% of the time, but it was still annoying (and led me to start purchasing them two at a time – nice counter action, good for the knife companies!). Thanks for sharing the good news.

  9. BothofUs2
    BothofUs2 at |

    I’ve had my share of “uh ohs” when I pull my keys out to go through security in my home airport terminal and my pocketknife is still attached. Quick, run back to the car, take it off the keychain and leave it in the glovebox!!!

  10. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Maybe everyone has conveniently forgotten that Betty Ong the purser on flight 11 of the twin towers disaster had her throat slit by a box cutter! You wonder why flight attendants are angry? Our lives are on the line. This is total BS on the part of TSA. Then again TSA has always been one big cluster from its conception. No knives should be permitted on board other than a butter knife.

  11. Aida
    Aida at |

    No, certain size snowglobes are allowed. I went through TSA with one less than half an hour ago.

  12. Aidan
    Aidan at |

    No snowglobes of a certain size are allowed. I went through TSA with one less than half an hour ago.