Airport 24/7: Inside the crazy of operations at MIA

It is no surprise that I’m a huge fan of just about everything associated with aviation and air travel. And I’ve been fortunate to have behind-the-scenes access at Tampa and O’Hare. But those were relatively sanitized versions of the experience. Want to get even further inside, and at one of the more chaotic airports in the USA? Check out Airport 24/7, a TV show running on Travel Channel which goes into the back rooms at Miami International Airport to follow the operations and crazy which the airport sees every day. Season 2 of the show premiers tonight on The Travel Channel at 9pm ET/PT.

Here are a couple previews from the two episodes premiering tonight.

Episode 1

Episode 2

I got to watch a screener version of one of the episodes and it is a lot of fun. If nothing else, it is a reminder of all the other stuff which goes in to making air travel possible. On any given flight I’ll interact with a dozen or so employees; that’s at least an order of magnitude fewer than those involved in making sure I get where I’m going. It is always fun for me to see how they make that happen.

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Seth Miller

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  1. I watched previous season since MIA is my home airport (along with FLL). While I enjoyed the show and they had some interesting behind-the-scenes stuff, I found it to have a little bit too much of this fake reality-TV drama. Hopefully the new season improves on that.

  2. Yes, it was really too bad that they felt a need to make everything so fake dramatic. I guess they think that if they just show reality people will get bored. but OMG he got into a car accident and we are scouring the airport for his wife and we have to take care of his dog…. like REALLY?!

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