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  1. Kyle
    Kyle at |

    You saw pretty much everything there is to see in Doha. The whole city is fake and has less culture than anywhere else I’ve been.

  2. Boraxo
    Boraxo at |

    Concur with Kyle. Even the Souq is fake, it was built for tourists. Not much interesting stuff for sale here- locals mostly send the help here to purchase household items.

  3. Benji
    Benji at |

    Been to the Souk around ten times. Food is below average and it feels like the locals look down on Westerners. The Pearl shopping area is cool the first time you go, especially if you eat at a restaurant facing out towards the yachts.

  4. Kyle
    Kyle at |

    Benji, sorry you had to go 10 times! I’ve been 2, and that’s 1 time too many for me. I don’t know how Doha is going to host the world cup.

  5. A. S.
    A. S. at |

    Seth, did the airline arrange for a transit visa or did you have to get one directly? Unlike the UAE, I believe US nationals need a visa, correct?

  6. Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf at |

    The visa is easy to obtain upon arrival (just pay with CC). You’ll only need it if you’re entering the country – no visa needed if you’re just transiting.

    I visited recently for a couple of days and had mixed feelings. It was interesting to see it, but I’m not sure if I’d visit again soon. The museum of Islamic Art was interesting, and also visited Katara and Souq Waqif. Other than that the entire city feels like a giant construction site and getting around is a pain due to lack of good public transportation.

  7. worldtraveller73
    worldtraveller73 at |

    I dunno. I disagree with the above that disliked Souq Wahif. People don’t always go to Disneyland looking for an authentic experience. Souq Wahif is a touristy area and does cater to tourists, but it’s a wonderful place to spend an evening if you find yourself in Doha and want to get away from your cookie cutter hotel. I personally find it a great place to hang out, and I know that I’m not getting a totally authentic experience – but it suits me just fine.

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