JetBlue announces Worcester service

JetBlue and the Worcester, Massachusetts airport have been going back and forth for several months now, working on plans to add service to that city. Lots of fun has been had in the media and social media channels. Today, however, things got a little closer to real. The JetBlue website now shows Worcester as a valid origin airport:


Target destinations appear to be Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with onward connections from there:


Sure, no official announcement yet and likely someone jumped the gun loading it into the webpage. Plus, no fares have been loaded yet that I can see.

Still, this is the latest indication that the service is coming. Likely sooner than not.

UPDATE: At least one person is suggesting ORH-MCO starts on 7 November 2013. I’m not seeing it yet.

UPDATE 2: It is most definitely real. Initial destinations are FLL and MCO with a service launch date of 7 November 2013. Intro fares will be $59/$49 to FLL/MCO, respectively.

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Seth Miller

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  1. More details now on
    JetBlue will offer two daily flights from Worcester to Florida, one to Orlando and one to Ft. Lauderdale, starting Nov. 7 on 100-seat Embraer 190 aircraft.

  2. I’m excited to try out the first flight out of Worcester on 11/7 to FLL. The first flight sold out in a matter of hours which i thought was crazy. Ive never been to florida so I thought it would be a good time yo try out B6 and see FLL and Miami. Its also going to be nice to hear some bigger planes again flying over my condo on approach.

    Now i hope its successful enough to launch a flight to JFK, so i can position for some UA PS flights and an emirates award using my AS miles. Sure it would be more expensive than greyhound but much more convenient.

  3. Thanks for the news. Its about @#%!@#$%@#$% time! It seems so logical that not everyone wants to drive to boston. I just hope they can make it work with reasonable fares. I am still annoyed that BOS is almost always cheaper than MNH or PVD…

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