New uniforms coming to JetBlue in Spring 2014

Probably not at all significant in the real world, but I just happened upon a video from JetBlue describing the process they went through in selecting a designer for their uniform refresh due in Spring 2014. It is somewhat interesting to hear the discussions on how many different groups they had involved in the process, as well as to see that they’re going to add a bit of contrasting color with the orange accents. I’m a fan of that color combination.


And here’s the video with some more discussion about the process and the designer:




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Seth Miller

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  1. As a previous color consultant, I must say that orange (even as an accent) is one of the most difficult colors for almost anyone to wear. It is not at all flattering to 98% of complexions, giving an orange-y-yellow cast to the skin. Pale dusty shades (like the Air NZ uniform) and soft grey tones are also really bad for most people. GET A COLOR CONSULTANT TO HELP! If they are saying orange is good, throw them out and get another one. You want your crews to look professional and the best that they can be? Orange is NOT the way to go.

  2. There’s a reason why red, navy & black are considered Power Colors. Do you ever see the President wearing an Orange Tie? NO! There’s a reason why Browns and Beiges are so rarely used (and then never repeated!). They are not professional and they have no power. Plus, again, most people do not look good in them. Oh I just saw that Stan Herman is being used – BIG mistake. They did our last uniform (USAirways) and everybody hated it. Sorry, JetBlue Crews – I wish you good luck!

  3. Orange as an accent is not bad. Rumor has it that Cynthia Rowley had orange accents in mind when she designing the United uniform, before they let her go. Probably better than the blue, gold and grey combo they are going to roll out later this year.

    Back on topic – blazer for flight attendants? Are they going down the Southwest route of business-fying themselves?

  4. I just threw up in my mouth! I am sure this would look great on a 6′ 140lb guy, but just wait till a 240lb guy puts those nut huggers on. Who was smoking the good stuff when they came up with that great color scheme!?? Please quit now!

  5. Lets see Jetblue has spent 5 years just trying to find a pilot shirt that is not made of plastic. There are five different shades out there. We look like fools in our tsa esque blue shirts and now we are going to waste a couple million to pay some company to ” reinvent” the wheel ?

    Light blue shirt ? fine lighter the better

    Blazer? Dont change what we have or keep it traditional

    Epaulets? Keep em

    Orange accents ? Sure some fancy fashion study tells you that it makes us look better? Whatever fine

    Bottom line? Pilots here want well made, tailored, high quality material TRADITIONAL uniform I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT TO LOOK LIKE A FASHION MODEL FOR SOME SOCIAL EXPERIMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love the blazers and splash of orange. How unique. JetBlue started out unique and always stood out, I think the uniforms have style and will compliment our figures. Hoping for a dress, can’t tell if the one diagram is a top and skirt or dress. As for the oversized crewmembers now, they have problems with this uniform as well.

  7. So much negativity – Change is hard for everyone. Maybe jetblue should CHANGE their uniform allowance policy and require Crew to PAY for their work attire. So much time and effort to give us a new look after 12 years – and all we can focus on is a splash of orange?? We should be appreciative that they recognize it’s time to follow suit of other airlines and freshen up. Seriously now!!!! Get a grip…

  8. I actually like the new uniforms, they look way better than what we’re wearing now. -.-

  9. oh god, not stan herman and his team. RUN AWAY. RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN. he designed this tragic uniform here at usairways and we’ve hated it ever since the roll out. what is with this designer and zippers on sweaters and jackets. and have you seen our ‘all weather’ coats? the only thing this polyester item is good for is starting a fire in a fireplace. i’m so glad this uniform and this designer will never darken our corporate doorstep again.

  10. I really have tried to keep an open mind when it comes to the new uniform. I recently got a chance to see a BOS uniform tester wearing the dress. I also got a chance to feel the material from the display in our crew lounge. I’m sorry to say that the dress looks way to fitted. The material is clingy and not a very flattering fit for all body types. The uniform tester had a great figure and still did not look attractive on her, it was ridding up her butt . I’m all about comfort and professional appearance when working this dress just doesn’t cut it!!! The material on the jacket and skirt looks stiff and doesn’t fall nicely. I’m a size 4, but regardless of size all body types need a dress to hang nicely, not clinging to every part. So I’m sorry but I give the new uniforms a thumbs down

  11. So I’m curious, why orange of all colors?
    Nice concept, but orange is so NOT flattering on most people.
    Think it will be outta style before it’s in
    How about unique/traditional! Btw
    He did a crappy job at US uniforms
    Really bad fabrics / too trendy.

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