JetBlue, Emirates team up on two-way codeshare

Europe and the Middle East are about to become destinations JetBlue flight numbers serve, even if it isn’t JetBlue-operated flights making the trips. The NYC-based carrier is teaming up with Dubai-based Emirates to extend their codesharing agreement to a bilateral one. Currently Emirates has their code on JetBlue-operated flights to 28 destinations; the new agreement will see the JetBlue coded flight numbers on Emirates-operated flights to Milan and Dubai.

The new bilateral codeshare is in addition to the frequent flyer reciprocity that the two programs already share. There is no elite reciprocity but members of either program can earn and redeem for flights on the other.

Back when Emirates announced the timing of their Milan-JFK flight it seemed likely that feed to and from JetBlue flights would be a big part of making that flight work. This announcement plays into that theory. There are still only a limited number of onward flights late-night after the Emirates flight arrives from Milan but it is better than nothing.

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Seth Miller

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  1. I still do not see any spending reciprocity through Jetblue yet. When would that become available?

    1. My bad…I got a bit ahead of myself on the reciprocity thing. It is accrual only right now; the only redemption partner for TrueBlue currently is Hawaiian.

  2. That took only a few years! EK has had their code on jetblue operated flights since 2010!

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