Awesome architecture in Hong Kong

One of my favorite things about Hong Kong is the juxtaposition of the old, generic and boring high-rise apartment buildings with the modern construction from the past 20-30 years. Turns out that I’m not the only one who is somewhat obsessed with the old-school buildings there. Pro photographer Michael Wolf also is, and he’s got some awesome photos from around the city in a new book, Architecture of Density.

From bamboo scaffolding going up dozens of stories to awesome colors and crumbling structures, the photos are simply incredible. I’ve tried to take similar pictures from time to time and, needless to say, his are much, much better than mine. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying anytime soon, but I also don’t expect to see a hardcover 128-page photo book published with my name on the front anytime soon.

There’s another review here with some more of the photos in it. Very cool stuff.

Thanks to my wife for sharing the initial review which made me go dig deeper on this

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Seth Miller

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  1. Pretty awesome, I saw it featured on PetaPixel. I try funky architectural shots as well, but I’m not very adventurous about getting to the right vantage point for many of these shots. Beyond that it’s about the photog, not the gear. 😉

    Props to Michael Wolf!

  2. Great composition of the shots, I think I saw these a few weeks ago. The lens is often much more important than the camera body in these instances. And yes, as Andre said, he’s also an incredible photographer!

  3. All I could think of “no wonder we have bird flu”…………….trapped in a sick building is no way to live…………….

  4. Wow…those are some amazing shots. I was just in HK for the first time last week. Wonderful city in a fascinating country. Have you seen “Cramped HK apartments from above”?

  5. I have seen that set, schmerj, but only in that they are from the same photographer and there was a link to it on his page when I went to get the details on this one.

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