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  1. MilesFromBlighty
    MilesFromBlighty at |

    Thanks for posting those Seth

  2. Laura
    Laura at |

    You were right, not much help without the commentary.
    Another time

  3. Steven
    Steven at |

    Would you please clarify the post which includes a route from US to Asia via Europe (if I am reading it correctly).

  4. sushiguy
    sushiguy at |

    I have a USA-Europe-Hawaii itinerary myself, but didn’t know about the S.E. Asia-USA- Caribbean one. Thanks for info.

  5. WanderingEntrepreneur
    WanderingEntrepreneur at |

    Thanks for posting these. I have been a Delta PM for years, so this is very helpful for me and my website.

  6. Thomas
    Thomas at |

    Is it possible to route from US/Canada to Hawaii (for a layover/open jaw) enroute to a destination in either Asia or Europe?

    I have a ticket booked from SE Asia to Canada via Europe, but wondered how throwing Hawaii in there worked.

    For Example – YVR-OGG-Open Jaw-HNL-NRT-IST and so on

    Also, has any indication been hinted or given as to when United’s award rules and charts may change?

  7. Generic
    Generic at |

    This was a great talk! It was awesome to hear from Seth who has tremendous knowledge as well as a fun, laid-back presenting style.

  8. Murtuza
    Murtuza at |

    @Seth: Thanks for the slides. Quick question on S.E-Asia – USA – Caribbean. Do you mean on “return” segment by counting on stop-over in USA the price is 32.5k instead of “32.5k+17.5k”?


  9. Murtuza
    Murtuza at |

    @Seth: Thanks

  10. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    The most useful session for me, thanks.

    I thought you mentioned something about elite qualification issues with partners, I am looking at the charts, they do not seem nearly so bad as post-March 1 Delta, am I missing something or did I mishear?

  11. Thomas
    Thomas at |

    Thanks for the follow up! Good information 🙂 Would have loved to heard the presentation. If there is an audio version that comes available, please let me know.

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  13. cowsrus
    cowsrus at |

    Hello Seth – Very kind of you to post your slides from the conference. I am interested to learn more about your Europe – Europe for 12.5K. The slide starts or ends at ARN and starts or ends at IST, one way and you can stop at all of these destinations along the way for 12.5K?
    I am also interested in several other of your examples
    Thank you

  14. cowsrus
    cowsrus at |

    Hello Seth – Thank you for the fast response. Is there a way to contact you directly or can you contact me. I have been registered and paid for FTU but unable to attend. Regards

  15. Jeremy Wight
    Jeremy Wight at |

    Did anyone record audio available for download? I’d be willing to pay/donate a small fee for the audio download… If not, perhaps a thought for next year?

  16. Brennan
    Brennan at |

    Are you able to book US-Asia awards via Europe online? I haven’t had any luck with that yet.

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  18. Jaguar
    Jaguar at |

    Hi Seth, I have an interesting issue trying to do a multi-segment trip from SFO to BON, BON to SFO, stopover followed by SFO to EWR. If I do a regular roundtrip between SFO and BON, I can get saver awards (both in coach and Business), but if I do a multi-segment, it doesn’t even show the same number of flights and definitely not the saver award for the BON to SFO segment and SFO to EWR.

    I am wondering if there is something I am doing wrong here? I would really appreciate your help with this – thanks in advance.

  19. Jaguar
    Jaguar at |

    Thanks, Seth. Would they waive the phone booking fee because it’s a glitch on their site? I am a “premier gold” member.

  20. Jaguar
    Jaguar at |

    Got it – thanks again.

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  22. Lyndon
    Lyndon at |

    Seth, any idea if the following is valid routing?

    CAI-PEK/ICN-JFK on the return leg of an award ticket?

    I have the following booked, but am hoping to maximize the return on some new airlines for me:

    EWR-LIS (23 hour connection)
    LIS-NAP (stopover)
    NAP-CAI (destination)

    Hoping to change the return leg. Any help would be greatly appreciated!