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  1. Miguel
    Miguel at |

    An average flight in Europe is not generally shorter than in the US!
    In 2010, the FAA says the average domestic US flight was 493 nm and EUROCONTROL says the average european flight was 557 nm (and no, it does not include TATL and others like that, it’s only flights inside the EUROCONTROL member states – which means it doesn’t even include flights to Russia, eg).

  2. Pete
    Pete at |

    @Miguel : but the total distance traveled is still much higher in the US

    In europe, few people need to do 2500mi flights “intra-europe”, but in the US, that’s standard transcon range

  3. colpuck
    colpuck at |

    Wandering Aramean,

    Me thinks you will expect to see something like the WN IFE on the domestic planes. There will be shopping, ua.com, and an airshow map, the TV and movies will cost a nominal amount.

  4. jackal
    jackal at |

    Sad to see the Channel 9 offering disappear. Surely they could make it an option on the streaming portal page, though (like a localized version of LiveATC.com).

    I’d even be willing to pay a buck or two to hear it. Hey–there’s an idea: UA should give 90% of the From The Flight Deck fee to the pilots! That might incentivize them to turn it on more frequently. 😉

  5. Denise
    Denise at |

    Sad to see CH 9 go, but I would say, in my recent experience, it’s turned on well under 1/2 the time.

  6. Carl
    Carl at |

    I love Channel 9 and most of the time the pilots will turn it on if you ask. How will it work to stream it over WiFi if WiFi isn’t available until you reach 10,000 feet and/or personal electronics are not allowed?

  7. Chris
    Chris at |

    I really wish more pilots would turn on Ch 9

  8. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    That’s great news on the seats!! And generally the IFE on the Airbuses is a thumbs-up, even though I’ll hate losing Ch 9.

    At least the 747 Y seats will be something I might consider, as opposed to the current seats and overhead monitor entertainment.

  9. Bob
    Bob at |

    I love Ch 9. I always try to make it a point to thank the pilot when I’m exiting the plane for turning it on.

  10. Marshall Jackson
    Marshall Jackson at |

    While I’m not much of a United flier, I have to say Channel 9 is a favorite of mine. Sorry to see it go.

  11. Tom
    Tom at |

    Notice there’s no talk of a bigger F cabin in the A319. I think the coach seats will be similar to what Aegean has in their planes–LH like but with more padding. Still uncomfortable.
    Not outfitting the whole plane with plugs is a mistake. I’d never pay for wifi/IFE that will result in my electronic devices void of juice on arrival.
    Surprised the “new” United is killing off channel 9? Well since the the “new” United is really the “Hou” United, no I’m not surprised.

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  13. Fed-up-flyer
    Fed-up-flyer at |

    Flew United A320 today BOS to ORD. Had the new “slimline” seats – they suck. Hard, uncomfortable, etc… To make matters worse? The entire entertainment system is gone – everything. Make sure you bring a book, iPad, something. Just make sure it is small. The new seats have a very small tray table and the seat pocket will not hold anything larger than a magazine or 2.

    Air travel just got worse…

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  16. John Flynn
    John Flynn at |

    I have been a 1k flyer on UAL for over 15 years and just flew an airbus with the new seats for a hour flight. I was in economy plus and in my opinion these seats are much worse than the cloth seats they had previously. This is very disappointing that they made this decision. I cannot really understand it. The first class product has been getting worse and now this.

    The market is ripe for a airline that provides service and comfort. Maybe Delta and AA are providing it. I am now forced to try them.

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