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  1. Adam P
    Adam P at |

    This is the smartest “take” on this I’ve yet read in the enthusiast press. Alliances have always been pitched for their seamless travel benefits (not all of which actually appear). The difficulty now, though, is that to the extent that these alliances extended the home carrier’s reach, if mileage earning is a priority, that reach has, on a practical level, disappeared. Award redemption seems unaffected, no better or worse than it was the day before.

    Now, DL really has no Asian partner of any breadth and repute, if earning is a goal. The upside is when the VS JV is approved, I’m sure their earning rates will be like AF/KL.

  2. jorge
    jorge at |

    More reasons to AVOID flying Delta. Dont like the airline, dont like the mileage program, dont like the hubs, and thank God AA is the big dog where I live.

  3. Jessica
    Jessica at |

    This can’t be remotely compared to the UA change. UA merely went from giving bonus back to 100%, but DL is actually reducing MQM below 100% for many alliance partners and freaking 0% for KE …. That’s extreme

    Basically handing the entire TPAC market dominance to Star.

  4. Amanda
    Amanda at |

    Mostly due to, not “mostly do to”…

  5. gpaya
    gpaya at |

    @Jessica and @Seth – the benefit is, though, that DL is following marketing carrier as the mileage earner. So, if you’re flying KE on DL codeshare, you will actually earn as if you were flying on DL. While many options are off the table, it’s promoting using DL codeshare flights.

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