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  1. Frequent Bird
    Frequent Bird at |

    In an industry where changes are quickly mimicked, will a favorable one like this be copied?

  2. MilesAbound
    MilesAbound at |

    I am glad to see this done. I actually just wasted some expiring points to buy some magazine subscriptions. Shame this came a few days late for me but a positive overall. Now to start saving some JetBlue points for those suites!

  3. Joseph M
    Joseph M at |

    I received the same E-Mail. I just love JetBlue. They deliver a consistent quality product and they have a customer centric company vision. Kudos.

  4. Fishing4Deals
    Fishing4Deals at |

    This is a very welcome development!

  5. Alan
    Alan at |

    Good thing my handful of points just expired 3 weeks ago!

  6. Brian
    Brian at |

    ^^ same

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