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  1. JJ
    JJ at |

    Actually the HNL-NRT is now being operated by the new IPTE 777 as of last week, IIRC.

  2. MB
    MB at |

    I had a reward flight booked on the IST – EWR direct flight on the 767 which out of luck (because I received no e-mail) I saw was cancelled. For whatever reason I was rebooked automatically on a direct flight Frankfurt – EWR???? But I got it changed to another carrier out of IST. The morale of this story is that the IST – EWR is not flying in November according to the agent I spoke with.

  3. Pat
    Pat at |

    you mean Turkish Dislike

  4. Pat+
    Pat+ at |

    Wow thanks Seth… Every change here impacts me in a way or another, and obviously no word from United–thanks so much for reporting this!

    Talked to a very nice agent, but it took a bit of work to convince her that was a due a refund given the downgrade from F to C on NRT/SEA… And I also had them open a F award on SEA/IAH since their automatic offer was SEA/EWR/IAH. Glad I got this done asap.

  5. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    It does somewhat surprise me to see the 787 on SEA-NRT instead of a 767. Seems like a 787 would be better utilized on a longer haul flight like SFO-CTU/CAN/CDG.

  6. Rumeli
    Rumeli at |

    I am surprised that EWR-IST route gave up so easily. It lasted only 15 months.

    Turkish Delight is a name of a confection based on gel, starch and sugar. So the sub-title could have been “No more Turkish Delight.”

  7. Carl
    Carl at |

    It is too bad about losing the IST service. But maybe not surprising as the airfares are always so low, perhaps due to TK’s aggressive pricing, and given the flight length, UA couldn’t get the yields to make the route pencil out. The schedule was also awkward with the return flight reaching EWR too late to make many onward connections.

    Losing an EZE service isn’t surprising given the economic disaster unfolding in Argentina, which the gov’t seems intent to continue.

    Perhaps the 787 is better sized for the SEA-NRT demand given the entry of NH. I imagine that either there must be enough demand for cargo or some worthwhile corporate accounts that require that flight. UA’s very first intercontinental route was SEA-NRT started in the 1980’s, before UA bought any Pan Am routes.

    Given the arrival of the 787 I was expecting to read about new route openings, not contractions. Besides DEN-NRT, has UA announced any new long-haul routes?

  8. Wilson
    Wilson at |

    United’s EWR-IST was the bane of my existence at the end of last year. I had several flights, and more often than not, the flight was delayed by more than an hour, and one time, it was simply cancelled. United tried to do 90-minute turnarounds in EWR to go back to IST, and not surprisingly, the flight was usually delayed.

  9. Lark
    Lark at |

    Any chance that this could be the first step in UA adding a few Int’l routes from SEA? (make it a mini-787 base)

    DL has quite a bit of Int’l ex-SEA… I wonder if at any point UA will decide to put more focus here? (DL: Amsterdam, Atlanta, Beijing-Capital, Osaka-Kansai, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Shanghai-Pudong, Tokyo-Haneda, Tokyo-Narita)

    The more likely answer is that any UA response will be from their strengths at SFO… Perhaps the 787 may change this calculation though?

    1. Kirk
      Kirk at |

      Don’t think so. IAH is the MX base for the 787’s not PAE. But UA is getting more 787’s and more routes to add!

  10. Andy
    Andy at |

    That is a bummer on the EWR-IST route. I flew that earlier this year and loved it!

  11. Carl
    Carl at |

    While I wish that UA would increase service and routes in SEA – it’s a growing market and UA has a historical flyer base here – unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon. DL & AS are pretty strong here, and UA just moved into a new gate area that doesn’t seem to allow for a lot of growth. Certainly the size of the new United Club doesn’t imply they were planning for any growth. SEA will mainly be an important spoke, linked to all UA hubs. It has a bit larger role as a diversion airport, and a connecting point toward ANC during the low season when ANC doesn’t warrant many non-stops. Let’s hope we keep NRT, and I’d love to see FRA, but not holding my breath on that one.

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