Bonus TrueBlue points on Hawaiian Airlines

The partnership between JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines, particularly at JFK, is pretty tight. The latest promotion from the two extends that partnership, offering bonus points for any itinerary which includes flights on Hawaiian Airlines between JFK and Honolulu.


The earning rules for Hawaiian flights in the TrueBlue program are a bit confusing, with the earn rate fixed to somewhere between 25% and 75% of the miles flown, depending on the fare purchased. This bonus offer is tied to the dollars spent on the ticket, similar to normal TrueBlue earning.  I see a lowest fare during the promo period of about $670, not the best fare to the islands but also not completely unreasonable. About $600-620 of that is eligible for earning points. And it books into N which earns 50% credit in the TrueBlue program. That adds up to about 2,488 points in each direction for the actual flying, plus ~1,800 points for buying the ticket through the promo. A 25% bonus certainly doesn’t suck.

The promotion also includes trips with extra segments at either end The calculations on those get more complicated, especially with the JetBlue segments earning by spend and inter-island flight earning on a different scale than longhaul flights, but there are points to be had.

I happen to like the timing of the Hawaiian flight from JFK to HNL (United seems to agree and they’re retiming theirs to match it later this fall) and I also found it to be a quite comfortable ride. With the added fun of T5 it is hard to beat. And bonus points make it even better.

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