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  1. longtimeobserver
    longtimeobserver at |

    Ever a glutton for punishment. Press on…

  2. Joey
    Joey at |

    Have fun in Bangladesh! If you’ve been to Kolkata, the language/culture is similar. Also, you probably could have flown Eva Air from BKK to ICN via TPE; with the TPE-ICN flight being the Hello Kitty flight.

  3. James K.
    James K. at |

    Good for you for actually doing things in Bangladesh, unlike many a points blogger would have; I love the DC-10, but would have looked down on you had you simply flown across the world for the sake of an aging plane.

  4. Chris
    Chris at |

    Have you opted for a middle seat on the AUH-DAC segment? Experience Biman like a Bangladeshi. 🙂

  5. longtimeobserver
    longtimeobserver at |

    … like a returning Bangladeshi guest worker.

  6. Tom
    Tom at |

    You’re a true flying buff. Enjoy it!

  7. RakSiam
    RakSiam at |

    The BBC’s Simon Reeve recently had a series of specials on BBC World about the Indian Ocean. One of the episodes spent a lot of time in Bangladesh. It’s worth checking out if you can track it down.

  8. ffi
    ffi at |

    Sorry for the late comment; missed a few days.
    130 km may well take 6 hrs or more as you know.

    I booked my friend for a 30 min massage at BKK;
    when she went there she decided not do it after all the trouble of booking specific flights for her.

    I think the flying is getting old when you start taking Bz class

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