Free 2-day Audi rental in Dallas or Austin for Virgin America Elevate members

Silvercar is an upstart rental car company, slowly growing in the Texas market with a focus on the upscale: they only rent out Audi A4s. And, in partnership with Virgin America, they’re now offering up a free 2-day rental to passengers visiting either Dallas or Austin on a Virgin America flight.

This is not limited to elite members. Everyone who arrives on a VX-operated flight is eligible for the free days. Taxes and fees will still apply and supplies are limited. Some of the fine print:

  • Renter must present Virgin America boarding pass to DFW or AUS at the time of picking up car in DFW or AUS.
  • Free 2-day rentals in limited supply, while supplies last. Offer not guaranteed.
  • $0 net base rate valid up to 2 days. Standard daily rates apply for additional days.
  • Taxes, insurance fees and regular fuel charges apply for all days.
  • Must book by July 31st for rental period between July 1st- Aug 15th. Rental must start on or before Aug. 15th.
  • Limited to 1 free 2-day rental per person. Free days may not be split into multiple rentals.

The two companies also have a partnership allowing earning of Elevate points for Silvercar rentals outside of this promotion. Elevate members can earn 4 points per dollar spent on the base rate. Plus there are a pair of 2,500 point bonus options available for 1st and 4th rentals by 30 November 2013.

  • Base point earning is 4 points per $1 spent on qualifying rentals.
  • Now through 11/30/2013, members can earn additional bonus of 2500 Elevate points after booking & completing their 1st rental. Members can earn another additional bonus of 2500 Elevate points after booking & completing their 4th rental. 4th rental must start on or before 11/30/2013 to qualify for additional bonus points.

Two pretty slick deals.

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  1. Silvercar, I might add, is pretty awesome. New cars, great staff, their app works well!

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