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  1. iv
    iv at |

    I also will continue to fly Porter. They offer great value and convenience.

  2. Sean M.
    Sean M. at |

    Coincidence that Chris Amenechi (most recently VP of Merchandising and Distribution at United) has just joined Porter as VP of Revenue Management? I think not.

  3. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    I don’t whine about baggage fees. I feel handling bags is a cost to the airline, and they have the right to charge more to passengers who desire that service, including me when I do. I always have to chuckle, though, when I see spokespeople use euphemisms like “updated” fees – come on, be honest and call them increases.

  4. The Masked Poster
    The Masked Poster at |

    Porter is a very good airline. I recently flew them from Quebec City to Toronto, decent price, on time, tasty, free lunch provided, included beer. They’re like the Southwest of old, only better.