Porter adds baggage delivery guarantee, ups fees

Toronto-based regional carrier Porter Air is promising delivery of all checked baggage to the baggage claim area within 30 minutes and backing up that promise with a $25 voucher if they fail. The new program takes effect 1 August 2013. Alaska Airlines is the only other North American airline with a similar policy. And while such a guarantee is a good thing for customers it comes with other changes as well, changes which aren’t quite as customer-friendly.

For travelers between the US and Canada there will now be a $25 charge for the first checked bag unless on a fully flexible fare; previously the first bag was free for all customers and all destinations.The second checked bag will increase to $35 from $20 and the third or subsequent bags will increase to $100 from $50. On the plus side, the weight limits are changing to 50 pounds per bag rather than 50 pounds for all bags combined. At least the $75 oversize and overweight fees are only charged once, even if a bag is both big and heavy. Full details on the new fee structure are available here.

Robert Deluce, president and CEO of Porter Airlines notes, “The baggage guarantee provides extra assurance for passengers, while updated fees and improved allowances offer more flexibility when checking bags. The overall customer experience is something that continues offering exceptional value.”

I love flying on Porter and these changes won’t affect my plans. I still check Porter first if I’m headed towards Toronto and that will continue. And at least they came up with something good for passengers in addition to adding more fees.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Coincidence that Chris Amenechi (most recently VP of Merchandising and Distribution at United) has just joined Porter as VP of Revenue Management? I think not.

  2. I don’t whine about baggage fees. I feel handling bags is a cost to the airline, and they have the right to charge more to passengers who desire that service, including me when I do. I always have to chuckle, though, when I see spokespeople use euphemisms like “updated” fees – come on, be honest and call them increases.

  3. Porter is a very good airline. I recently flew them from Quebec City to Toronto, decent price, on time, tasty, free lunch provided, included beer. They’re like the Southwest of old, only better.

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