Most excessive airline complaint demand ever??

Let’s say that, hypothetically, you’re on a flight and cannot find room for your carry-on bags. You ask the flight attendant to put it in the closet and they tell you the closet is full. What’s your next move? If you chose “argue with the crew to the point that they remove you from the plane, get arrested and convicted of interfering with a flight crew, overturn the conviction on appeal and then sue the airline for 60 MILLION POINTS” then you might just be on the same page as a couple of guys in Australia.

Yeah, it seems just about that ridiculous. I’m actually not sure if the fact that they’re trying to get points versus cash is more ridiculous than the amount. At the standard 2-3 cents per point purchase price is around $1.2-1.8 million so I guess that’s not all that far off from the normal price point these suits start at.

Oh, and Qantas‘s request for a summary dismissal of the case was denied. These guys actually might see a judgment in their favor.

H/T to Aussiephile reader JayhawkNJ for sharing this one. Definitely worth a laugh this morning (or evening in Oz).

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Seth Miller

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  1. Not sure if I should laugh or say uh oh.In any case this will be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Qantas will settle and give them 60 million points. Then, they will enhance the program to the point where 60 million points earns one free checked bag.

  3. Dumb, dumb, dumb. If I’m the airlines attorney the first thing I would point out is if they are so upset why would they want to fly us on points. I always told myself that if I was ever in a plane crash I would ask for cash and lifetime enrollment in that airline or future owners / merged partners frequent flyer program. Then again if I was in a crash I might not want to ever fly again,

  4. Points are great and all, but if I was going to sue someone, and thought I would win, I would rather just ask for money.

    1. Only reason I can think of to try for points rather than cash is if they think there’s a tax angle they can play. Otherwise I agree that it is quite ridiculous. Then again, so is the rest of the story.

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