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  1. Chucky Wxxx (@AlexandriaboyVA)
    Chucky Wxxx (@AlexandriaboyVA) at |

    Weren’t we just talking about this… smile
    Thanks for the update on BR and kudo’s on the new site… looks great!

  2. Jamison (@jamucsb)
    Jamison (@jamucsb) at |

    nice site resdesign!

  3. romsdeals
    romsdeals at |

    Availability isn’t going to last long… Lots of Taiwanese go to Taiwan yearly.

  4. Chums
    Chums at |

    I called United and they can’t seem to find the EVA flights in their system.

  5. UPGRD Award Expert Service
    UPGRD Award Expert Service at |

    New design isn’t bad, but the old passport photo and logo was so unique–I hope you still find a place for that.

  6. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    Lots of phantom space. Annoying!