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  1. Gary
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    Agree, which is why I’ve articulated a “call three times” rule when you aren’t sure what the right answer is — if you get told no 3 times it is probably no. Not that the 10th call won’t ever yield positive results, but that roughly speaking by the 3rd no that’s ‘probably’ the answer.

    ps Love the new blog theme!

  2. aadvantagegeek
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    Funny story, thanks for sharing. The new theme looks great!

  3. abcx
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    I had a similar experience back when US used to allow 2 stopovers on an award. I must have called 4 times that morning and eventually got a supervisor who had heard my tale before from her colleagues (I played dumb – “yeah, I called once and thought I’d try again”) and actually bothered to look up the rule and realized that I was indeed correct that 2 stopovers were legal (and my PNR had notes on it too). Of course she apologized then but man, it’s a pain in the butt sometimes…

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