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  1. abcx
    abcx at |

    Would love to see a more detailed follow up post with market shares and the like…

  2. Ric Garrido
    Ric Garrido at |

    Profits for the OTAs are primarily from hotel bookings where the sites sell hotel rooms generally at the same rate as the hotel brand websites, but keep a commission of 10% to 30% on the booking.

    Best Rate Guarantees with the hotel chains keep the rates from undercutting the brand websites. The UK has claimed this is price-fixing. The U.S. has not really taken on the issue as far as I have seen.

    Hotels like the traffic driving power of the OTAs, yet it is a love-hate relationship with the high payout to OTAs for the rooms they book for the hotels.

  3. andreas
    andreas at |

    I had one bad experience with orbitz and virgin america cancellation where both parties pointed the other way. So now, I use the OTAs to window shop for the best price/itinerary and usually making the final booking on the actual hotel or airline.

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