Some photos from a day in Rio, and a request for recommendations

I was in Rio de Janeiro last week on assignment for (stories will be published there soon) but I had a bit of spare time during my visit to explore the city. Unlike my previous trip there this one actually included an overnight (though only one) so I had more time to see things, though still mostly just the main tourist stuff. It also is winter in Rio which means that the weather was not particularly beach-friendly. High winds and cool temperatures kept most people off the sand and seas though there was a small, dedicated group out riding the waves on Copacabana Beach on Thursday morning.

More photos from Rio here
Surfers on Copacabana Beach
More photos from Rio here
Surfers on Copacabana Beach
More photos from Rio here
Surfers on Copacabana Beach



Sugar Loaf is a lot of fun to visit, mostly for the gondola ride to the top. And the views of Santos Dumont airport in downtown Rio are pretty great, especially as planes head right for the peak on departure.

More photos from Rio here
The gondola ride up Sugar Loaf is lots of fun
More photos from Rio here
Looking down on Santos Dumont Airport in Rio


We also made it to the top of Christ the Redeemer, though as we got there the clouds rolled in heavy. That was cool in many ways, but it did mean not so much with great views.

More photos from Rio here
The trains are a great way up and down the mountain

More photos from Rio here

I’m headed back to Rio next weekend and this time will be staying two nights. Anyone have suggestions, either for sights or meals which are less commonly seen??

More photos from Rio here

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  1. If you’ll be there on a Sunday I recommend the Hippie Fair, a local arts and crafts market (paintings, etc). My wife wants to return soley to revisit it. The rainforest in the middle of the city is pretty cool as well.

  2. My wife and I loved Conversa Fiada (Rua Vinícius de Moraes in Leblon) when we visited back in 2009. Good service, good drinks, great food. Assuming it hasn’t changed much in the time since, it’s worth a visit.

  3. Again great photos Seth. I would advise you make the trek to these ‘institutions’ of Brazilian cuisine & entertainment in Rio, located in the Lapa, Santa Teresa neighborhoods and one located downtown.

    Bar do Mineiro, is traditional Brazilian food from the State of Minas Gerais, considered the best food in the country, simple delicious hearty food. So, check it out:

    Also an old world favorite for coffee or snacks, besides great desserts is Confeitaria Colombo, a real treat. They are located in downtown Rio, well worth a visit.

    For entertainment, I would suggest two great places for music in the “Lapa” district of Rio, called Carioca da Gema:

    Or you can go to Rio Scenarium which is a world renown Bar with great live Brazilian music; make sure you make a reservation since the place can gt pretty crowded and is not that big.

    Have fun and I look forward to more photos & a review!

  4. I did a great walking tour of Santa Teresa, an older neighboorhood up on a hill. Probably somewhere I would not have gone on my own. The tour guide was great, and the best part was meeting the other on the tour. A mixture of other tourists, and some locals, just learning about their city.

  5. Definitely recommend the Hippie Fair near Ipanema… and Ipanema for that matter… The fort offers great views too.

  6. You don’t need a guide to go to Santa Teresa – unfortunately the bonde (trolly) is still down I think, which was one if its biggest highlights.

    But you still gotta get up there. Bar do Mineiro serves feijoada (sorta the national dish) everyday. Otherwise it’s only a Saturday thing. It is an absolute must. And caipirinhas with a good cachaça (Nêga Fulô isn’t bad). If you don’t like it sweet ask for “sin azúcar”. [BTW, feijoada is a lunch thing.]

    Of course there’s the quintessential Churrascaria (the whole green/red “rodizio” style). Porcão and Carretão are the big ones.

    Take a walking (not jeep) tour through the “comunidade” (favela means slum and is rather derogatory) Rocinha. Ask your concierge for a recommendation – seems like the people who do ’em are constantly changing.

    Lapa for late night fun – Samba to live music at Rio Scenarium.

    Most importantly mingle with the locals. Brasileiros are the main attraction in Brazil.

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