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  1. Neal Zaslavsky
    Neal Zaslavsky at |

    I did a day long stopover in PTY on my way home from Bs.As. last year so that I could see the canal. It is, indeed, a sight to behold!

  2. Grant
    Grant at |

    Great pictures, definitely on my bucket list. Possibly a cruise through the canal.

  3. FreeTravelGuys
    FreeTravelGuys at |

    I went through it on Holland America last November. Pretty amazing. I don’t believe the water is pumped though. It flows by simple gravity, so water only flows one way and with each trip the water is lost to both oceans.

  4. Scottrick
    Scottrick at |

    It looks pretty similar to the Chittenden Locks in Seattle (and I imagine the technology is similar, but on a grander scale). The “road” on we have is only wide enough for bikes and pedestrians!

  5. Erik
    Erik at |

    Just curious…did their exhibits have anything to say about possible competition with a canal in Nicaragua? The government up there recently signed a deal with a Hong Kong company to build a canal across Lake Nicaragua which would shorten travel times by about 500 miles/1 day.

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