Up for grabs: A Sheraton Amenity Kit

Who knew that hotels gave out amenity kits, just like airlines??


As part of a recent stay in Rio I have acquired a Sheraton kit which is pretty nice. The bag itself is a good size for holding travel toiletries. And it comes complete with a full set of the Sheraton goodies inside:`

The quality looks to be pretty good on this one. Alas, I have many other amenity kits and in keeping with a promise I made earlier this year the Sheraton kit will not be staying in my home for more than a week. So, do you want it? Leave a comment below about your favorite travel packing tip and I’ll pick a winner on 24 August 2013 at 12pm EDT.

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. I have a extension cord/surge protector that I do not leave home without. It has USB ports on it and it doesn’t take up much space. Worth its weight in gold.

  2. Hotel laundry bags are great for storing dirty clothes. Close the bag loosely and squeeze the air out, it’ll shrink the size down considerably. The close the bag tight.

  3. I place a card with my name, address, phone number and destination with dates on the inside of my suitcase. Just in case!

  4. Always make a copy of your passport when traveling abroad and leave your passport in hotel safe. Bring backup cash and credit cards in case you lose your primary cards/cash.
    Always pack a list of phone numbers in case you need to contact people and your phone is dead/lost/damaged.
    Finally, pack compression socks to help circulate your blood inflight.

  5. Use packing cubes and folders–I use eagle Creek brand– to keep clothes organized and to prevent them from wrinkling

  6. My tip is select exactly the right suitcase/backpack for the trip so you don’t ned to lug around anything that takes up extra space or weight.

  7. I am a fan of using the space saver bags for longer trips to fit more clothes in the bag without having to take the space

  8. Carry a few critical pieces of clothing as a spare on your carry on. Never know when you will get something spilled on you in route.

  9. I bring an extended battery on long flights in case one of my devices die and there’s no USB port

  10. Making a packing list has given my wife and I great piece of mind. We “don’t leave home without (completing) it.”

  11. I fold my dress shirts and pants opposite ended, fold the entire stack, then insert into the suitcase (example: lay a pair of pants on your bed, then layer the next pair of pants the opposite way with the waist over the other pants leg). This minimizes the wrinkles better IMHO than the rolling method (which I’ve also used in the past).

    1. Congrats, Erik! Comment #23 (yours) was the winner. I’ll be in touch to get a mailing address from you.

      Thanks to everyone for the packing tips. Some great ideas in here.

  12. i roll all my clothes (that done need to be ironed) and keep a change of clothes on my carry on just in case….

  13. If you travel with a husband/wife/SO etc and check your bags pack each bag with the clothes of both people. this way if one bag is lost each of you still have clothes.

  14. Pack clothes that mix and match so you can make multiple outfits. Its possible to pack for 3 weeks in a carry on bag.

  15. Stuff socks at the bottom. They cushion nicely and fit between the handle extensions on the onside.

  16. I reuse amenity kit bags and place them in the outermost pocket of my carryon. TSA never complains.

  17. I use the Eagle Creek cubes and roll my clothes in them. For long trips, I also use shave cream packets instead of carting a bulky shaving cream container.

  18. Bring a travel surge protector that will give you more outlets and a couple of USB outlets as well. A great way to make friends during those flight delays.

  19. I bring a paper copy of my passport with me, but I also scan it and email it to myself. I figure I can always access the internet somehow if needed.

  20. I packed my undergarments in a clear bag so TSA won’t touch or go through them!

  21. I make a copy of my passport and leave it together with 2 extra credit cards in the hotel safe and i always travel light, carry on only.

  22. Keep an emergency stash of small bills and change in that small suit case or notebook case pocket. For vending, machines, tips, etc. A few trial sizes of clothing detergent pods can also be handy.

  23. Always back valuables in a carry on you KNOW you can carry on and they won’t make you check it at the gate. If the bag is close to being too big have a backpack for your passport cellphone tablet camera etc.

  24. Tuck a small, multi-outlet power strip in your bag for those hotel rooms with too few wall plugs.

  25. I travel so much that I don’t need another amenity kit, but my tip is: I buy and keep cheap washcloths in my bag for international trips that I don’t mind using and leaving behind. Not a standard item in a lot of foreign countries.

  26. I have a packing list for 3 or 5 night business trips so I don’t need to think each time what I need.

  27. Pack heavy items on the bottom and use tissue paper to keep things from getting wrinkled

  28. Separate your liquids with plastic bags, even inside the ziplock, so when one spills you don’t have to throw away the rest

  29. Socks in shoes, use a zip lock with the sliding lock – much faster. Chargers and Auxiliary cable for playing music.

  30. I always roll my clothes and pack in a carry on. Its quicker and the airline cant loose it.

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