PointsHound offers up double miles for new bookings

Double your pleasure, double your fun with PointsHound double points in the sun. OK, so I’m no Paul Severson, but at least I sortof have a reason (other than an obsession with 80s pop culture) for that awful reference. PointsHound is closing out the month of August with a double miles promotion for all bookings made between now and 31 August 2013. The details are pretty simple, really: Make a booking and get double airline points. No fine print to be found. For a quick reminder/intro to what PointsHound is about for earning airline points on hotel bookings check out my intro post about them from a while back: PointsHound offers up airline points for hotel bookings.


I just loaded up a few searches for some upcoming stays I have lined up and the double points numbers are showing right on the results page:


The promo even works with PointsHound Double Up rates where you can earn your hotel credits along with the extra airline points:


Couldn’t be more simple and, with the higher valuation, rather harder to beat the numbers using other OTAs or cash-back options. If you’ve got any hotel bookings you can confirm in the next few days this is definitely one worth looking at.

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