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  1. mreed911
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    Seth, I have to agree, but your flight numbers for AUS-SFO are wrong. UA has 5 nonstpos per day, B6 and VX both have 1. VX is priced significantly higher than UA or B6, with only UA running a morning flight. Compare this, too, to the complete loss of the Nerd Bird, AUS-SJC, which is closer to Silicon Valley proper where much of the business traffic is headed.

  2. srptraveller
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    Well I would suggest sister, Virgin Atlantic, has frequently been able to price at a premium based not entirely without mood lighting, younger cabin staff and baubles such as a 5% chance of an in-flight massage. See no particular reason this trick can’t be repeated domestically, with frankly many of the same customers.

    Showing a profit? Isn’t that just one step on the way to showing a bigger profit…..

  3. Charles
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    Seth, I’ve flown Virgin about 12 times transcon and everytime was a MUCH more enjoyable experience and more reasonably priced for the upgrade than the competition. Just another data point.

  4. Kevin
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    “Virgin America certainly has its fair share of detractors and critics. I’m one of them rather often, actually.” — Agreed – except for me in reverse… I love VX, I dislike the NYT… 🙂