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  1. Greg
    Greg at |

    I went there on a day trip (ferry) from Bs.As., I too felt it was worth it just for the chivito (sandwich) I ate – it was about the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

  2. Ric Garrido
    Ric Garrido at |

    I found rural Colonia a refreshing break from urban Buenos Aires. But then again, I am not much of a city person. I enjoyed the bird sounds and Rio de la Plata river views.

    The Sheraton Colonia was empty during my winter stay and the outdoor hot tub was fun in the cold weather.

  3. Nico Bril
    Nico Bril at |

    I live in Buenos Aires and find colonia is a great place for a 2/3 day getaway… It’s really amazing how the vibe and the culture changes in such short distance… Food is really amazing. Believe me. Uruguayan meat is better than Argentinian. Thou it hurts me to say. In Argentina we export most of our best meat. In Uruguay you can enjoy it everywhere. And I mean everywhere, from the fanciest restaurant to a “chivito” cart in the street… Colonia is about getting there, relaxing and enjoy the magic within the city… Get lost in the streets and imagine you go back in time… Everything there, the people, the culture, the cars, the costumes are from an era where globalization didn’t exist… Colonia is truly a gem in “rio de la plata” river…

  4. harvson3
    harvson3 at |

    I really enjoyed the Spanish and Portuguese museums; the former was better than the latter.

  5. James K.
    James K. at |

    Echoing what everyone else said — I visited it from Buenos Aires and felt it was totally worth the half day trip

  6. Alan
    Alan at |

    I really enjoyed a wee half day trip here before picking up my hire car and driving up to Carmelo- a very pleasant drive and a nice relaxing stay at the Four Seasons there on an FHR rate 🙂

  7. David Shelly
    David Shelly at |

    I felt it was a nice stopover between Buenos Aires and Montevideo. I took the ferry over, spent the rest of the day in Colonia, then a bus to Montevideo in the morning. It’s not a high importance must-see destination, just a nice, laid-back change of pace between metropolises.

  8. Jeff R
    Jeff R at |

    I absolutely loved Colonia as a day trip from Buenos Aires – and most particularly my chivito at El Drugstore!