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  1. Amol (@PointsToPointB)
    Amol (@PointsToPointB) at |

    A wise (?) man once said that traveling is about the destination so who really cares? 😉

  2. Becky
    Becky at |

    I’m a big believer in using your time for your priority destinations, which it sounds like is Bangladesh, with a second priority of Abu Dhabi rather than Amman. I’d take the Lufthansa routing to get into AUH earlier, be well-rested for your quick stopover, and then arrive in Bangladesh ready to explore there rather than using your time in Amman. As you said, leave Jordan for a separate trip in the future.

  3. Sam
    Sam at |

    If your trip is a regular occurrence, I suggest go for the RJ option now to evaluate it for your future plans. Otherwise I think whichever seems to be more convenient should get your business.

  4. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    The 9:30pm arrival vs. the 1:15am arrival would seal the deal for the LH routing if it were me.

  5. Robert
    Robert at |

    Save your AA miles and Royal Jordanian for your Jordan trip

  6. Steven Sullivan
    Steven Sullivan at |

    I’d keep the LH routing and save the AA miles for a proper trip to Jordan. Fly RJ on that one. Then you’ll still get the new lines, airport, and airline, but also have the time to really see the wonderful things Jordan has to offer, like Petra, Jerash, and Wadi Rum. Amman doesn’t have a ton to see and do in it, but you could easily spend a day there exploring the city, and see everything you want to, on a proper Jordanian vacation.

  7. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    Go with LH, especially with the better arrival time.

  8. Rob
    Rob at |

    748i would seal the deal for me. Great plane and hard product. Did it to Bangalore earlier this year.

  9. globetrotter
    globetrotter at |

    Fly LH now because it’s a well-known airline and you have elite status with UA. When things become less volatile in the region, visit Jordan, Isreal and Egypt in the future. But consider Emirates and Gulf Air because they are abetter known product. I will hesitate trying out other less known airlines in the region. I lived in a Gulf state in early 1990s–understand the culture, religion and way of life. I don’t quite understand the attraction and fascination of UAE, especifically Dubai, to western tourists. Personally, I’ll love to have the opportunity to visit Iraq, Iran and Syria in the next two decades when, hopefully, there will be less fanatic groups in government or society, These three countries are rich in history but have peculiar cultures. If you have not seen real Persian hand-made carpets, you don’t know the elite carpets in the world. Foods are tasty but a lot less healthy. Jewelry stores are abundant and breath-taking, that mostly sell gold jewelry, pearls and jade rather than diamond.

  10. HR
    HR at |

    Seth, Fly LH and save your AA miles for a trip to Jordan later. I am waiting to hear about your Biman trip:-)

  11. Sue
    Sue at |

    Fly Lufthansa. I have had only terrible flights on Royal Jordanian.

  12. A. S.
    A. S. at |

    We’ll just miss each other. I’m planning on attending the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix from 11/1-4… Not many other reasons I’d want to go to Abu Dhabi, to be honest! 🙂

  13. Bill
    Bill at |

    I’d go w/ LH, especially after Lucky’s near death experience on RJ . . . Also, since you’re going to Jordan another time, no need to go there now. Plus, you can get a proper night’s rest in Abu Dhabi.

  14. Oliver2002
    Oliver2002 at |

    Fly RJ, great opportunity to get on a 340-200, very rare birds nowadays!! RJ261/2 are always operated by 342s… http://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/rj262 19-23 years old, funky crown class. JY-AIC (msn 14) is the second oldest A340 currently flying: only a SA Bird, ZS-SLF (msn 11) is older. This is the right setting for your DC10 ‘experience’. And ofcourse you have to disprove Bens perception of the quality of RJ pilots. 😉

  15. ffi
    ffi at |

    LH for sure. No questions. Cancelable changeable, cheaper, better product.

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