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  1. Steve
    Steve at |

    So the individual family members still need their own TrueBlue number? I’ve had a bit of trouble getting my daughter a number because it requires her own email address, and she’s too young to have one. Furthermore their system doesn’t support plus signs so I can’t use something like steve+daughter@gmail.com.

    Nevertheless, this seems awesome even if I can only get my wife’s points pooled with my own.

  2. Glenn
    Glenn at |

    Excellent. My wife likes to fly to NYC on Jet Blue sometimes, and this will give us more earning opportunities to get her there for free.

    @Steve: I think hotmail has the easiest alias creation process. Create a hotmail account for you say, and then add aliases to it (Google it isn’t obvious). These aliases don’t have to be based on your email address at all, but look like completely normal addresses. But you can with a click set them up to show up in a subfolder. Works pretty well for this sort of thing.

    The thing I haven’t figured out is whether to create a TrueBlue account for my daughter right now or not. Unsure if there are regularly bonus points for new accounts she count get if I don’t create the account.

  3. JetBlue Introduces a Way for Families to Pool Points! - Mommy Points

    […] It seems you can redeem pooled points for anyone, not just those designated in the family.  This is the detail that makes the British Airways Household Accounts useless for my family since we like to redeem for friends and extended family members in addition to those who are in our designated “household”.  I have read through the terms and haven’t yet found where it expressly states you can redeem for non-family pool members, but I also haven’t seen anywhere where it says you can only redeem for family pool members.  The Wandering Aramean usually has a pretty good line on JetBlue info, and he is also stating you can redeem for anyone. […]

  4. wendy
    wendy at |

    Start a email account for your daughter. My Dog has his own email addy.

  5. Ryan E
    Ryan E at |

    Excellent news! Even though Jetblue doesn’t fly out of anywhere near me, except ORD 6 hours away. But it’s nice to see a domestic airline adding this feature nonetheless.