Alaska Airlines award chart changes for 2014

I’m sitting next to Scott from Hack My Trip at a conference and we’re both apparently not too interested in the session being presented because we’re both looking at the new award chart details announced today by Alaska Airlines. Well, published today, anyways. The good news is that most of the changes are minimal and focused on the rule-buster awards. And there is even one premium award which gets cheaper on the charts. But there are some increases as well. The new rules take effect for tickets issued on or after 14 January 2014 on Alaska Airlines-operated flights. Here are the new charts.







That one drop on the first class awards to Mexico is nice to see, as is the part where most raises in cost are at 2,500 each way. The biggest spike is in the cost of refundable first class awards in CONUS/Canada. No word yet on any potential changes to partner awards, so it seems we’re in the clear on that front for now.

Not great news, certainly, but not horrible either.

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Seth Miller

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