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  1. Joey
    Joey at |

    I heard the middle seat in the business class cabin upstairs was supposed to be like a suite (in the 2-3-2 config). Were you able to see it? If so, how was it?
    I flew on the BA A380 back in August when it was flying LHR-FRA but unfortunately the 2nd floor was closed at the time.

  2. Tim
    Tim at |

    FYI, you might want to change the auto-scroll through your pictures at the top of this post. As they are different orientations, the frame keeps expanding/contracting, meaning the rest of the text goes up and down as you try to read the post.

  3. Aptraveler
    Aptraveler at |

    Thanks for another good straight forward report, Seth. But I have to say that I chuckled a bit when I read “and me being me” referring to your decision to not just stay in your seat throughout the flight, but to go and explore the entire plane. Is what we expect from you to do, so nice one. And BTW the photo of the pasta option looked mouthwatering good, made me hungry for pasta!

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