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  1. Christopher G
    Christopher G at |

    For some reason I feel like your mileage expiration date is off. Like, way off.

    1. Kris
      Kris at |

      This isn’t his info, it is a United mockup, and while the expiration date is probably wrong, it is still technically possible based on the information.

  2. Woofly
    Woofly at |

    Small not sure if it is a website error or just an F for geography but 41n 87W is Hobart Indiana not Honolulu, HI

  3. Matt
    Matt at |

    3 Million Miler? That’s a lot of mileage runs to Spokane! Although, no need to do anymore since you’re a 1K for life…

  4. Carl
    Carl at |

    I could be wrong, but from what I’ve read, someone would have to spend way more than $12K to obtain UGS…

    1. Kris
      Kris at |

      Status carried over from the last year, so that’s not necessarily an error, just a big change in spending patterns.

  5. JD
    JD at |

    Scott is in HI but has a flight in less than 24h from ORD to NRT, gotta hurry up!

    Also there’s a poor chance that Scott will be GS next year with a lowly 12k spend.

  6. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    How did this person end up with 7 SWU and 14 regionals, when you can only earn 2 regional at 75K, and 2 more each 25K. Unless the person is still on a pile from prior year and got renewed, but that still mathematically doesn’t add up.

    Also, this person will not qualify for GS next year, with only $12K spent.

    Lastly, EWR-ORD showing on time is clearly a mistake. 😉

  7. Sice
    Sice at |

    What’s with the empty tile above Book Travel?

  8. Wany
    Wany at |

    i am gonna question about the TravelBank part.
    I think the current unitrd.com club gives 5 bucks
    per reservation. $1500 in travel bank requires 300 reservations and this global service member had only 46 segments this year. Maybe he is one of the leaving UA guy and all these came from last year (make sense that he has substantially insufficient spending to requalify GS)
    Now, could anyone tell me how to get that 95 cents in TravelBank? Newbie here.

  9. benids
    benids at |
    1. benids
      benids at |

      ahh didnt notice that someone above also pointed that out. woops

  10. DCA writer
    DCA writer at |

    Not that I’ve priced this itinerary lately, but $360 seems like it would be the deal of the century from Honolulu to NYC. And does UA really think a GS member would care about the Explorer credit card?

  11. Stealthradar
    Stealthradar at |

    “Expired miles available for reinstatement.” You’d NEVER let that happen. 😉

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  13. Carl
    Carl at |

    DL has been delivering excellent financial results. Is that due to cost cutting or revenue generation?

    I’m concerned that UA’s focus is constantly cost cutting. They have a decent hard product generally, but constantly cutting costs, and integration woes, they seem to be driving revenue away as much as they cut costs.

    “United has already begun to artificially limit the options available for display on their website including hiding cheaper flights which may be available through other channels. When customers discover that they are not being shown the lowest fares available there is significant potential for problems. And United would seem to be headed directly down that path.”
    Wonder if I already experienced that when I was offered Q fares for flights that had S or T inventory available and qualifying fares. I’m pretty sure I was logged in.

    “Seattle is not a hub for us. The competition in the market has grown”
    Running away from competition is not a viable business strategy. Even if this SEA cut makes sense, the rationale to cut when a competitor expands seems questionable.

    And they need to deal with the disparate flyer experience on JV partners. Perhaps it doesn’t matter for a once/year international flyer, but I bet the more expensive tickets are disproportionately bought by elites and frequent flyers, and they notice things like no upgrades, less IRROPs handling, more need to stand in line at transfer counters…