Hilton cuts partner earnings: No more fixed airline miles option

Anyone who thought that the devaluation game was over for the year just lost that bet. Hilton has updated the earning rules for their HHonors program, cutting the Points + Fixed Miles option from the Double Dip choices effective 6 January 2014. Rather than earning a minimum of 500 miles per stay customers will now earn one mile per dollar spent in participating hotel programs. This is a significant cut for the short stays and for guests at less expensive properties. At least they’re giving a decent bit of advance warning on the change.


Starting January 6, 2014, Hilton HHonors will have two Earning Style Options: Points & Points or Points & Miles™.  At this time, the Points & Fixed Miles option will be discontinued.

Q: When will this change be implemented?
A: Hilton HHonors will no longer offer Points & Fixed Miles as of January 6, 2014. HHonors will offer two Earning Style Options: Points & Points (HHonors Base Points + HHonors Bonus Points) and Points & Miles (HHonors Base Points + Variable Airline/Rail Miles).

Q: What will happen to members who are currently enrolled in Points & Fixed Miles?
A: Starting on January 6, 2014, members previously enrolled in Points & Fixed Miles will automatically earn airline miles based on every eligible US dollar spent on stays. This will now appear as Points & Miles in the HHonors account profile and no action is required by the member.

Q: What will happen to upcoming stays that I booked with Points & Fixed Miles before the changes were implemented?
A: For all stays with a check-in date before January 6, 2014, members who have Points & Fixed Miles may continue to receive Points & Fixed Miles for their entire stay. For stays with a check-in date on or after January 6, 2014, members with Points & Miles will automatically earn variable miles, or 10 HHonors Base Points plus 1 mile per eligible US dollar spent for most stays.

The change is particularly unfortunate for travelers who were earning in programs which gave even more than just the 500 mile minimums. Some offered 1,000 or 2,000 points, making those options quite lucrative. Not so much any more. Just another reason I’m very, very happy to not be a big player in the hotel loyalty space.

That said, I’d likely recommend going with Points & Points following this change rather than Points & Miles. Yeah, HHonors points aren’t worth a ton, but 5x are probably worth more than 1x airline points for most folks.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Why would they do this. Because they can. Just when we thought Hilton couldn’t couldn’t get worse. Sad. I would stay at a ton of Hampton Inn’s in my line of work instead of the HIX’s I stay at but why would I?

  2. Yet another reason I’m so glad to simply be done with Hilton. I’ll keep Gold status via credit card and use Hilton when I can’t find an SPG property to stay at.

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