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  1. Spg dude
    Spg dude at |

    The website is not loading.. Is this deal dead?

  2. Charlie
    Charlie at |

    Awesome find! Thanks for sharing – just trying to figure out what will work best! Too many options are not always good. 🙂

  3. BOShappyflyer
    BOShappyflyer at |

    Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Saw it from early this morning. Decided not to go for it. Just got back from Europe last month and don’t have any plans to go again early next year. But it is a sweet deal for those who are thinking about flying there anyway.

  4. Matt
    Matt at |

    Seems like site might be down… or overloaded… 3:40pm CT 11/23

  5. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    “There’s always the chance they won’t honor it.” Prediction: They won’t honor it.

  6. Oliver2002
    Oliver2002 at |

    Poor WF is getting hammered… I hope the bilateral with UA doesn’t require them to pass on YQ 😮

  7. Mike
    Mike at |

    They found it out. The website is shutdown.

    wideroe.no er stengt noen timer i natt av tekniske årsaker

    wideroe.no is closed some hours due to technical reasons

  8. Chris
    Chris at |

    Seth’s second link still works, but prices seem normal. Maybe the YQ is being added back in?

  9. Chris
    Chris at |

    Scratch that. Still working. Just that prices out in the summer are high! YQ pretty much stays the same so your savings on a percentage basis are MUCH higher for trips in say March.

  10. Max J
    Max J at |

    Mine still hasn’t been ticketed. Been 5 hours. Thoughts?

  11. Scott C
    Scott C at |

    Seth, Once my United account shows it ticket and confirmed what is the chance of this being cancelled? I also recieved PDF ticketing information from Windroe.

  12. Scott C
    Scott C at |

    @Seth Thanks, was going to hold off till next week to plan hotels, and transit flight to EWR but feeling better now.

  13. Nick
    Nick at |

    Hmm, must have missed this, sucks for me. Guess have to wait for the next one (hopefully). Hope you all have fun!

  14. Lucy
    Lucy at |

    Wideroe is a tiny airline that was almost bankrupt and was recently bought from SAS by a small group of Norwegian businessmen, I strongly believe all tickets will be cancelled Monday, there is no way they can afford this loss.

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