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  1. palefire
    palefire at |

    Strictly speaking you should also count LA::SCL-AKL.

  2. Joey
    Joey at |

    Thank you for this map. I clicked on the star alliance map link but it wasn’t working.

    1. jamesb2147
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  3. ucipass
    ucipass at |

    LAX-NRT is served by 3 carriers: AA, JL, MH (You missed Malaysia from the oneworld list..)

  4. Jane
    Jane at |

    Your link isn’t working for me for the Star Alliance version of the map.

  5. ucipass
    ucipass at |

    Seth, ever since you published the transatlantic star alliance map, I wanted to have a list in my back pocket, just in case, So, I scripted something myself, but as a reference it would be great to have it published here.
    You seem to have some great scripting tools here so, it would be great to have it updated every months or automatically (or whenever routes are announced/cancelled). Just suggestion on my part…
    Great site and thanks again for the tools…

  6. Priyank Talati
    Priyank Talati at |

    Hey Seth!! Nice work!! Please can you guide me to all the alliance wise route maps you have compiled on the world’s major air routes. By the way one intresting factoid. BOM-DXB is one of the world’s busiest international routes not served by any alliance. It has almost 12-13 flights a day with about half of them operated by widebodies.

  7. bluecat
    bluecat at |

    SLC, LAS, PDX, and SEA also have nonstops transpacific

    1. bluecat
      bluecat at |

      ugh, not SLC.

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    […] I compiled a list of all the transpacific Star Alliance routes I could find, somewhere around 35 or so, including dupes operated by multiple carriers. Should be helpful in trying to plan award redemptions. Did I miss any? Map from gcmap.com. __________________ Hack.Travel | Cash Back on Booking Blog | Twitter | Tools | […]

  9. The Global Traveller
    The Global Traveller at |


    MH KUL-LAX (via NRT)
    QF JFK-SYD (via LAX)
    LA SCL-AKL and SCL-SYD (via AKL)

    1. The Global Traveller
      The Global Traveller at |

      I forgot QF SYD-SCL.

  10. The Global Traveller
    The Global Traveller at |

    I assume you’ve excluded trans-pac flights between Asia and Australia/NZ because they do not include North or South America?

  11. HobokenFlyer
    HobokenFlyer at |

    Does CX still do the HKG-YVR-JFK run?

  12. Hillrider
    Hillrider at |

    GREAT reference too; awesome job!

    I think you should add the through flights, as they can be sold as one segment (useful with RTW tickets as they’re segment-limited) — maybe put them in a dotted line or something similar. This include CX’s JFK-HKG (via YVR) and QF’s JFK-SYD (via LAX), and there’s probably a few more that I don’t know.

    1. Hillrider
      Hillrider at |

      P.S. through flights are also useful for award booking as they determine where the North American gateway is located (for a free stopover).