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  1. joe moe
    joe moe at |

    Couldn’t the airline just impose a co-pay on award tickets, which in effect is what it is anyway?

  2. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    While I despise fuel surcharges on award tickets, I fear that @joe moe’s suggestion is what will eventually happen even if this or similar lawsuits are successful. I guess we’ll see what happens!

  3. No Fly Zone
    No Fly Zone at |

    I hope that the suit is successful. Heck yes, BA’s fuel surcharges are bogus. In a few, s elect cases, due to those ‘surcharges,’ a Reward ticket can cost more than a purchased ticket! Some reward!
    In a slightly different vein, and one not subject to litigation in U.S. Federal Courts, are the gawd-awful departure taxes that the UK imposes on nearly all pax. Since I pay my own bills, I AVOID UK stops whenever possible. Their taxes are more than enough to turn a good deal into an extremely poor one. And I’m not alone. Countless others simply bypass UK because of these stupid and excessive taxes. Even a one day stay in England (by me) would generate several times that tax in general revenue for their economy and OK, yes I spend… BA may have their faults, but they remain one of the world’s best airlines. They too suffer becasue of these stupid taxes, because folks like me avoid them – simply because the vast majority of their flights originate/terminate near London. Despite BA’s usually great service, I avoid them when I can, simply to avoid London and the UK. Don’t their fiscal ‘experts’ understand that are repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot? To hell with them!

  4. Paul
    Paul at |

    Fuel Surcharges are bogus. They don’t rise and fall with oil prices as one would expect if the surcharges were legitimate. They aren’t applied equally (as the Plaintiff stated, fuel surcharge on F ticket was more than cash cost of economy ticket), so clearly not based on actual cost.

    Unless the Judge is wilfully in the pocket of Big Business (which, sadly, most are), BA should lose this case.

  5. ML
    ML at |

    I hope this converts into a class action. Many will end up supporting the original 4 who started this lawsuit. How do we contact the legal firm who is representing the original 4? I would like to participate if this converts into a class action….

  6. SST
    SST at |

    Don’t worry. If it gets certified as a class action (which is of course the goal for the attorneys involved) you will know about it as it will be news, the court will order BA to produce a list of class members etc.