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  1. Duy
    Duy at |

    Great read! Fan of ur blog for a while – very insightful posts

  2. jimltravels
    jimltravels at |

    While we should always take the “layups,” I see no reason to double down. As the game changes it continues to increase in complexity. The more complex it becomes, the more arbitrage opportunites that will become available.
    While changes recently haven’t been good for our community,
    there are too many holes in the dike and to your point, the airlines don’t care about the small ones, because they need to focus on the big ones. They only have so many fingers to stick in the dike.
    It will be interesting to how the game changes in the future. I look forward to your insightful posts to help us navigate the maze in the future

  3. Charles McCool
    Charles McCool at |

    Really interesting. Low hanging fruit, indeed. The masses just want to fly somewhere–and cheap. FF points may not even matter. Or consumers earn points and never use.

  4. Julian
    Julian at |

    Interesting. However, I’m not sure the tickets sold by Wideroe are a loss for UA. If there wasn’t that price mistake, people wouldn’t have bought those tickets. And we don’t know what the other costs for those seats are. So they could still be making money (or not losing as much as it looks).