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  1. Scott Childers
    Scott Childers at |

    The one time i was going to but the stay certificates to get a lower rate than available was at the Hyatt Siesta Key Resort. I called in before I bought to see what room it would book me into. as I was going to be using 2 free night certs as well. They told me that I could not use stay certs at that property. I pointed them to their website that said I could . Hyatt reps just said it was an error on the website and they would have it corrected. They gave me extra points for the inconvienence. Just for grins I checked back 4 months later and the website said that property was still eligible for stay certs. Go figure! Last time I tried to use them.

  2. Carl
    Carl at |

    I have really never understood this love affair with Hyatt among your Boarding Area peers. I used to do the hotel elite thing until discovering that chasing it is a waste of money.

  3. AlohaDaveKennedy
    AlohaDaveKennedy at |

    Y’all gotta love Hyatt (for the next seven days if you own an AMEX biz card).

  4. chitownflyer
    chitownflyer at |

    Hyatt has gone from offering the best promotions of any loyalty program such as Faster Free Nights and the Gx bonus offers, to offering some of the least compelling reasons to stay at their hotels. Gold Passport was the first hotel loyalty program to offer free internet for Platinum and Diamond members and confirmed suite upgrade certificates for Diamonds. Now the Faster Free Night offers and Gx bonus offers are a thing of the past, and they tend to make bonus promotional point offers that are akin to the old Gx bonus offers. On top of this, Hyatt has a limited number of locations, and their rates tend to be 20 to 50 percent higher than Marriott and Hilton. Why pay so much money to stay at a Hyatt? Hyatt has some spectacular hotels, but Gold Passport no longer creates compelling promotional offers to compensate for their lack of locations. Hilton and Marriott offer a far greater number of global locations at a more compelling value.