JetBlue to expand fresh food offering

Earlier this summer JetBlue launched the Eat Up Café product on three long-haul routes from JFK. The fresh food options – sandwiches, salads and such – on the long flights are a nice alternative to the packaged snack boxes, especially on transcon flights of 5+ hours. At the time of the launch it was described as a limited trial and, while it extended beyond the original 2 months it is still only on those three routes out of JFK. That will change in the new year as flights to and from Boston will start to have the meals available. The meals will be available to the same three west coast cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles & Long Beach.

Further expansion of the on-board meals will hopefully come to other transcon routes later in the year, though the specific timing on potential routes has not been disclosed. Also coming in the new year is a menu refresh/update, with different dining options expected in late Q1 or early Q2 ’14.

I enjoyed the meals I tried a few months back. Expanding this program should be a win for customers.

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