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  1. AdamH
    AdamH at |

    Dang, 300K for a r/t non-stop. That makes the new UA award chart look cheap.

  2. SRQ)
    SRQ) at |

    I would like to share my experience which shattered my dream of redeeming AVIOS on Qatar airways.

    India(ANYWHERE ) to Doha one way AVIOS cost is 10K miles.
    But add the taxes and fuel surcharges , it cost APPROX 9,500 INR equal to 150 USD. (IN ADDITION TO MILES)

    Instead if i use LCC’S like AIR INDIA EXPRESS , FLY DUBAI , AIR ARABIA, etc the total one way ticket cost inclusive of taxes and surcharges is APPROX 120 USD.

    Instead if i use QR FFP (PRIVILEGE CLUB) i pay only 23 USD , OF COURSE more miles are required APPROX 12K TO 18 K depending on zone ,less for EASY DEALS.


  3. SRQ
    SRQ at |

    Thanks for the list .

  4. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    Each time I have been in the region and wanted to swing through KWI for a few hours the flight options have been quite expensive so will be nice to take care of a stop with a 4,500 Avios ticket.