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  1. Kurt
    Kurt at |

    Presumably the PQD will be earned just like miles (earned after you complete the travel), right?
    E.g., if I book a trip in December 2013 for travel in January 2014, I’ll earn the PQDs in January, right?

    1. Wandering Aramean
      Wandering Aramean at |

      Yes, the PQDs will post based on date of travel.

      1. Sachin
        Sachin at |

        What happens if the trip is split, i.e. one leg is flown in Dec 2013 and one leg is flown in 2014? Do they count half the PQDs for next year? All very confusing 🙂

        1. Carl
          Carl at |

          There is pricing associated with each fare leg of a trip (not necessarily segment, but with each fare point.) I would imagine the revenue will count in the year in which the leg departed. So if you book a round trip JFK-SFO-JFK outbound Dec 20 return Jan 6, then you would get credit for the fare paid outbound in the current year, and the return would count in the following year. Note that isn’t necessarily half the roundtrip fare, since the legs could be in different classes or fares with different advance purchase requirements.

          The only real corner case is if you have an overnight flight on New Year’s Eve with onward connection the next day on a through fare – I would imagine that will all get counted in the year you departed, unless it happened to be two fares.

  2. Bob
    Bob at |

    Hi Seth – If you were to buy either award accelerator or premium award accelerator, would these count to the PQD? I can see perhaps award accelerator not counting, but the premium award accelerator you are essentially buying PQM, so this logically should count to PQD.

  3. Carl
    Carl at |

    For denied boardings and for service recovery, does UA give out ETCs or dollar off discount codes? And can you choose or influence?

  4. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    Good now know, now if I could just get them to respond to my requests to get the $1200+ fare credit from a trip back in July issued to me.