Double Mosaic (elite) earning on JetBlue through 3 March 2014

Want a shot at JetBlue‘s TrueBlue Mosaic status but don’t really want to spend $4-5,000 for the privilege? For the next seven weeks all flights will earn double base points which means Mosaic status twice as fast. Registration is required.


My favorite benefit of Mosaic is probably the no fees on ticket changes, basically making everything flexible. That’s a pretty nice benefit. And the extra bonus points don’t hurt either.

Speaking of extra points, my read on this promo is that the double base points are in addition to online booking bonus points or such. That means that the 3 extra base points per dollar also will be in your account for award redemption, not just for Mosaic earning purposes. I’m working on confirming that detail. Confirmed!

The bonus earning only applies to newly booked tickets, as it the case with so many promotions these days. Still, if you’ve got any JetBlue travel lined up in the coming weeks this is definitely worth getting in on.

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Seth Miller

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