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  1. Russbelle
    Russbelle at |

    Really appreciate the input. We were thinking about flying it this summer. Great to have a heads up on the connections time.

  2. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    I was on a CO flight a few years ago EWR-LIS where the overhead lights were left on…I consider that a capital offense. Kind of like when FA’s do the post-take off announcements on a redeye instead of doing them before takeoff so as to not bother pax who are trying to eek-out a few hours of sleep. Unacceptable and the FA’s were indifferent when I brought it up with them. :rolleyes:

  3. Matt
    Matt at |

    15th of Jan? I was at the next gate and thought it was odd that the London flight scheduled after was boarding first. The Finnair team just didn’t seem to make anyone aware of what was going on.

  4. Jeff R
    Jeff R at |

    Maybe Finnair just favors bright cabins for some reason. I haven’t flown them eastbound, but I flew HEL-JFK a couple of months ago, and I absolutely loved the fact that they kept all the lights on and shades up on the day flight. US carriers seem to insist on darkness, even during the day, and it’s one of my pet peeves. (That being said, I completely agree that on an overnight flight the lights should be off.)

  5. Dennis
    Dennis at |

    I had a mildly similar, less than inspiring pilot on my flight to BQN last weekend who welcomed us on board about 20 minutes into the flight and closed his comments by stating “what I hope will be a successful arrival in Aguadilla”.

    You can hear the buzz in the cabin after that veiled threat….

  6. Deltahater
    Deltahater at |

    How does Finnair Y compare to other US carrier Y classes?
    DL? AA? UA?
    Is AY an airline I want to seek out or seek to avoid? Or are they comfortably uneventful and it won’t matter one bit? Unless of course you have a mechanical like you