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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    Some people got really small hearts and nothing better to do.

  2. jim
    jim at |

    they are not losers. they are actual winners. the real losers are many of the bloggers begging to apply for cards from their links to get referral bonus and doing nothing against all the miles & points devaluations.
    if many of you have fought back , there wouldn’t be that many devaluations. United & Hilton are the examples

    1. BobChi
      BobChi at |

      How does a blogger “fight back” about devaluations? You’re ascribing to them way more power than they have. These loyalty programs often have millions of members, while each blogger has a few thousand readers, and of that small fraction, only a significantly smaller fraction will actually care, act, or communicate about a devaluation. I’m a regular reader and I don’t care about the United devaluation, for example, because I don’t redeem for premium cabins on partners, and the other changes are modest. They are inevitable, and the bloggers do present strategies for dealing with them. I like to know about credit card offers (I wonder why you choose this particular blog to complain about them?), though I know some bloggers can become tiresome in their relentless plugging of certain products.

  3. Alan
    Alan at |

    A shame it even made it as far as court but sounds like a very sensible judgment was reached. Here’s hoping costs were awarded against the plaintiff!

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