JetBlue’s anti-Super Bowl Sale

Want to escape NYC during the upcoming Super Bowl weekend? How about fares under $50 to get away? JetBlue is offering precisely that for a couple extra flights they’ve added to the schedules in order to bring fans from Denver and Seattle into town. These extra sections require the airplanes to position out west to pick up a bunch of people presumably willing to pay a decent fare for the flight to cheer on their teams. And JetBlue is looking to pick up a bit of extra revenue on those positioning flights. Fares are $48 one way.



The flights out from JFK are available on Thursday and Friday as extra sections and on the regularly scheduled flights Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, getting back to New York at the end of the weekend is a bit more challenging. Or at least a bit more expensive. I see a Monday return from Denver at $109 right now and everything else much more expensive. On the plus side that Denver return is during the day, not the miserable 3:35 mid-con redeye.

Other airlines are getting in on the Super Bowl planning, too. United Airlines added a 777-200 to the schedule for Thursday and Friday prior to the game and Monday after the game headed to Seattle and Denver, too an A319 to Denver. No special sale on those, though.



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