United adds flights for Super Bowl

Want to fly on one of United Airlines‘ 777-200s domestically? Next week is your chance as the carrier has tasked several of the aircraft with operating flights between their hub at Newark and both Seattle and Denver, the home cities of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl that weekend. Capacity is roughly doubled on peak days both before and after the game, with much of that in the way of extra 777-200 flights being added to the schedule.

Here’s what the full schedule breakdown looks like for the week based on what I see published by United:



Seat counts might be off by a few as I didn’t differentiate 100% between sCO/sUA 752s and the different 738 layouts, but pretty darn close.

One interesting question which has come up is where are they getting the extra 777-200s from to be able to support the extra flights. I’m not entirely certain but I think part of it comes from the generally slower trans-Atlantic operations in the winter months freeing up some aircraft. Plus, the Houston–London service is now on 767-300s rather than 777-200s so that helps a bit as well.

Oh, and unlike JetBlue which is offering discounts on the “other” half of the extra sections to sell a few more seats, United is pricing them at normal levels. Not really a great deal, but could be a fun ride.

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