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    […] spent the past couple weeks chasing down details on issues with United being unable to book some coach awards on SQ metal. I wanted to fly LAX-NRT-SIN on SQ and the coach seats appeared to be available to ANA, AV and AC; […]

  2. Amol (@PointsToPointB)
    Amol (@PointsToPointB) at |

    This sucks. I’ve frequently helped friends/family who aren’t gung-ho on First/Business class book the SQ A380 flights in Economy out of the US. They’re actually a solid economy product and worth the miles to some.

  3. Adam
    Adam at |

    I booked some Mileage Plus SQ Y award space SYD-SIN last week and can confirm that pricing the space took time and the agent seemed confused by the process.

    I know UA/US/DL have all had “technical” issues booking some partner awards which later proved to be some form of blocking from the US carrier, either as a temporary or permanent cost saving measure. Are you not at all skeptical that this is a technical problem?

  4. Scottrick
    Scottrick at |

    While it may be an honest error, United’s refusal to display SQ award space online has made it more difficult for anyone to notice this problem until someone like you pushed a little harder. Thanks for the investigative reporting!

  5. Paul
    Paul at |

    You are 100% correct. I went through the same problems last week when trying to book an award on AS. No doubt in my mind the award was available. United agents are worthless also.

  6. abby
    abby at |

    happy to see that even scottrick can see the glaring difference between a truly worthwhile blog like Seth’s and the worthless me-too rehash garbage of hackmytrip (who also censors out any negative or questioning comments)!

    keep it up WA, you’re in rarefied air in the travel blog world…


    1. Jerod
      Jerod at |

      I completely agree with (Abby) 100,000% and have for a long time. His often deliberately irritating remarks and incredibly self-entitled tone make him more ‘Scottprick’ than ‘Scottrick’. True story.

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  9. AAExPlat
    AAExPlat at |

    Excellent data crunching exercise. And I am not the least bit surprised. I am surprised to hear SQ is not your favorite Y product…I have flown several of the Star Alliance airlines in Y (LH, SQ, TG, UA) and SQ was my favorite by a landslide. Which is yours (not necessarily Star)?

  10. choi
    choi at |

    Seth, does ANA and LM search engines show accurate SQ inventories for J class and economy ? I m looking for SQ flight from Lax-Sin using M and M miles. I ve tried LM engine and it doesnt show anything. what is my best option, Thanks

  11. Nick
    Nick at |

    It doesn’t do well with finding mixed awards on separate carriers (apart from United). Especially 2 long haul segments. And strange things happen when you can book those…

  12. harry
    harry at |

    SQ25 is not even able to be bought as a revenue ticket through united!!! has been this way for many months now

  13. Oliver2002
    Oliver2002 at |

    SQ uses Amadeus Altea for some time now and accurately define which sales office ID can have access to certain inventory on certain routes. It may very well be that SQ doesn’t want the CC churning UA MP riffraff hogging the award inventory on flights to their US destinations. Hence you see inventory available for ANA but the UA agent can see it on their system. It works very well for LH M&M members, SQ has made special award inventory available directly to LH, so M&M agents can see award seats upfront (mainly for SQ flights to/from Germany) that is not visible to ANA & co. Earlier M&M had to send such requests to a manual queue. With Altea that is now automated.

    1. AAExplat
      AAExplat at |

      Oliver. That would be messed up because it would also block those 1ks like me who put darn near 200k PQMs on Star Alliance annually for work. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater so to speak.

      1. Oliver2002
        Oliver2002 at |

        I’m sure SQ analysed what benefit they have from blocking UA MP members redeeming ex-US destinations. 😉

  14. Oliver2002
    Oliver2002 at |

    Typo correction, the above should read as:

    Hence you see inventory available for ANA but the UA agent can not see it on their system.

  15. Emily
    Emily at |

    Will you be posting when this “bug” is updated? I have been having the exact same problem and am not sure what to do beyond calling United to check availability every day 🙁

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  17. Tim
    Tim at |

    Living in Singapore, the disappearance of SQ award seats is a great loss to us. We can’t go to a lot of places directly on SQ, which has become an important issue since you can’t have more than 8 segments per booking. I just talked to a UA agent and SQ seats are still available for some flights to/from Singapore to Australia/New Zealand. The problem is no business seats–only economy. Two months ago when I called, there were no seats at all. So is this an improvement?