Florida Express Jet: The little airline which almost started operations

So much for having planes secured, flights for sale and ground services ready to go. Florida Express Jet has stopped taking reservations for flights and would seem to be somewhere in the range between “on hold” and “not going to happen” just 2 weeks after the initial flurry of media coverage about their launch.



No longer does the site show route maps, seat maps or anything remotely resembling operational details for the up-start carrier. I suppose it is still possible that they could make this happen and get operations off the ground but they’ve got a pile of circumstances working against them. The part where they claimed to be ready to serve Tallahassee while the airport operator said there were no contracts was certainly a red flag. One small bit in their favor is that they don’t cross state lines which significantly changes the regulatory environment for them. But the ret of the situation still looks pretty bad right now.

Anyone surprised? I’m not.

More to the point, anyone want to bet on whether they actually fly? At what odds??

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Seth Miller

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  1. Not surprising at all, it seemed like a joke anyway. It lacked credibility. First, flying a larger outdated B737 on routes that historically are not profitable was not a good strategy. Intra-FL flying is not even profitable for Southwest. Did FL Express think business customers would actually buy tickets on them??? LOL

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