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  1. Rapid Travel Chai
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    Very interesting. Currently the Chinese airlines go nuts about taking out phones in airplane mode on flights, though allow computers and tablets. Now they plan to leapfrog everyone in connectivity.

  2. Dan
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    “Inmarsat-5 satellites support spot-beam technology which increases the available bandwidth to a specific region while reducing the hardware required on the aircraft to handle the traffic.”

    – how is the hardware required reduced? Less components/LRUs? Less installed system weight?

    LiveTV/ViaSat is 12Mbps to individual pax (which have been proven to be true at least on the 1st media trial, as everyone one the plane was able to stream. Be it, it was the 1st airplane with only 40-50 people using it). GX is ” up to” 50Mbps to aircraft. I am sure neither the ” to the aircraft” nor ” to the pax” is “guaranteed”! So in the end it comes down to what the supplier legally contractually committed to.

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