Chile becomes cheaper for Americans

The year I spent $1000 in consular fees was a special one in many ways. Yes, the costs were high because I traveled a lot to incredible places but it also left me reminded of the fact that in most cases I was being charged the equivalent (or, in some cases less) of what the USA would charge a visitor from that country. And all I had to do was pay the cash; a foreign visitor coming to the USA would have to pay and then pass an interview at a consulate or embassy. Fail at the interview and you’re out the money with no recourse, other than to try (and pay) again later.

A smidgen of good news on this front, however: Chile is now part of the US Visa Waiver Program which means its citizens do not require a visa (nor the in-person interview and fees associated with it) to visit the USA. And this also means that US citizens are no longer charged a reciprocity fee upon arrival in Chile. From the Santiago airport website:


I like that a lot.

More details on FlyerTalk and TFD.

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Seth Miller

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  1. This is exciting! I’m going to Chile for the first time soon! But I’m a poor college student so the $160 entrance fee is steep for me.

  2. If only this had come a few months earlier… i.e. BEFORE I paid the exorbitant reciprocity fee for the four people in my family… *sigh*

    1. imagine how much more painful the same fee is for a four person Chilean family wanting to visit your country!!!

      1. I completely understand how challenging the fees are for many others. That’s why I’ve always been accepting of them while hoping that the US would change its policies to be more welcoming. Hopefully soon enough with more countries.

  3. That reminded me of my encounter at the Belarus Consulate in NYC, where they pointed out that I am not American (I was using a different passport back then), and only need to pay half as much. Alas, they rejected my application because my money order was for the American amount, and told me to get another money order with the correct amount.

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