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  1. Josh
    Josh at |

    This is exciting! I’m going to Chile for the first time soon! But I’m a poor college student so the $160 entrance fee is steep for me.

  2. pcg
    pcg at |

    If only this had come a few months earlier… i.e. BEFORE I paid the exorbitant reciprocity fee for the four people in my family… *sigh*

    1. john
      john at |

      imagine how much more painful the same fee is for a four person Chilean family wanting to visit your country!!!

  3. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    That reminded me of my encounter at the Belarus Consulate in NYC, where they pointed out that I am not American (I was using a different passport back then), and only need to pay half as much. Alas, they rejected my application because my money order was for the American amount, and told me to get another money order with the correct amount.

  4. Leon
    Leon at |

    Yes finally I’m going in June so this is right on time.

  5. Pizza In Motion
    Pizza In Motion at |

    […] US citizens no longer have to pay to acquire a visa to enter Chile.  I haven’t been to Chile but it’s on my list  At $160 a head, paying over $600 just for my family to have the privilege of entering the country doesn’t sound like fun, even if the visa is good for 10 years.  I can’t imagine there are many folks that make their decision on whether to travel to Chile on the visa fee, but it’s a nice plus. […]