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  1. Jim
    Jim at |

    Never. The only amenity kits I would consider buying are the Rimowa ones.

  2. Points with a Crew
    Points with a Crew at |

    Not a chance in the world I pay $20 for that…

  3. Heffa
    Heffa at |

    An amenity kit is something you earn. Not buy!

  4. mileswhore
    mileswhore at |

    They can pay me based on their recent award devaluation and axing of their award program.

  5. jfkeze
    jfkeze at |

    Well, I did buy a ton of overpriced Biman stuff last Monday but not interested in these kits hehe

  6. Patrick W.
    Patrick W. at |

    I turn them down on flights 9 times out of 10, so no way I’d buy one!

  7. Steve
    Steve at |

    I wouldn’t pay $20 to fly UA to get one of those. They are the woooorst